The CD: Restoring the Songs

“Long Songs” is the first recording dedicated to the Isle of Wight collection of W. H. Long. In making our selection for the CD we have generally tried to follow the road less travelled, picking material that is unique to the Island, or otherwise rarely heard.

Tunes have been gathered from dusty recordings of source singers and out-of-print songcollections. We’ve tried to be faithful to the original texts, but have tweaked the words where necessary to make them more sing-able. We hope Long, and his anonymous sources, wouldn’t disapprove.

Dollymopps CD Cover


The Songs

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The Twelve Apostles (Roud # 133)
The Little Carpenter (Roud # 14)
Moss the Miller and his Mare (Roud # 1586)
Roger and Dolly (Roud # 1592)
The Spotted Cow (Roud # 956)
The Rambling Sailor (Roud # 518)
I’m in Haste (Roud # 1589)
The Sailor’s Return (Roud # 266)
The Honest Thresherman (Roud # 19)
Paul Jones the Pirate (Roud # 967)
Turpin Hero (Roud # 621)
The Farmer’s Boy (Roud # 408)
The Loss of the Ramillies (Roud # 1266)
Jolly Sixpence (Roud # 1116)

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